The EasTexConnects Committee is comprised of elected officials or their appointees, citizens, and representatives of social service agencies, local transportation providers, and businesses. The committee's purpose is to improve the quality of life in East Texas through transportation choices. 
The mission is to create and connect a comprehensive, flexible, and sustainable public transportation system throughout and beyond the 14 counties of State Planning Region 6. The committee has officially adopted six priorities to fulfill the mission:

1. People first, barrier free
2. Multi-modal interconnectivity across the region
3. Aggressive outreach and education to a broad base
4. Increased and flexible funding
5. Increased and expanded services
6. Emergency planning and homeland security

EasTexConnects regularly meets on the third Wednesday of odd numbered months at 1:30 PM at ETCOG. Check the Meeting Agendas & Minutes link below for meeting changes.

For more information call Melissa Cure, Business Planning Analyst and Liaison for EasTexConnects at 903-218-6435.


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